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            1. Announcements


              Category for notifying users of forum, C-Bus and Clipsal related information
              Latest: Welcome to the upgraded C-Bus ForumsCharlie Crackle,Nov 14, 2017
            2. General Discussion

              General Discussion

              Discussion, questions, help with C-Bus topics not covered by the other forums.Please post software-related queries in their designated forum.
              Latest: Retrigger DLT from PIRAndy1967,Jan 13, 2020 at 10:12 PM
            3. Resource Discussion

              Resource Discussion

              Discussion threads linked to each of the articles in our resources section.
              Latest: What are C-Bus Scenes?ashleigh,Dec 27, 2009
            1. C-Bus Wired Hardware

              C-Bus Wired Hardware

              Discussion and help on C-Bus Wired products and hardware not covered by the other forums.
              Latest: Dead switches, growing as you take them off and put them back onMr Mark,Jan 9, 2020 at 7:30 AM
            2. C-Bus Wireless Hardware

              C-Bus Wireless Hardware

              Discussion of the C-Bus Wireless hardware (retrofit wall switches and plug adapters)
              Latest: Ulti installationbmerrick,Sep 19, 2019
            3. C-Bus Automation Controllers

              C-Bus Automation Controllers

              Forum for the C-Bus Automation Controllers under the Clipsal brand (5500NAC, 5500SHAC) and the Schneider Electric brand(LSS5500NAC, LSS5500SHAC).Also post Lua logic code examples here.
              Latest: Where to start with home light control....Ashley,Jan 14, 2020 at 11:31 AM
            4. C-Bus Wiser 2 Controller

              C-Bus Wiser 2 Controller

              Discussion of the C-Bus Wiser 2 hardware, web interface and mobile applications.
              Latest: Wiser 2 Gmail supportSgrAystar,Jan 14, 2020 at 9:45 PM
            5. C-Bus Wiser 1 Controller

              C-Bus Wiser 1 Controller

              Discussion of the C-Bus Wiser v1 hardware, web interface, iPhone application and other related software.
              Latest: Wiser 1 and Wiser 1.5 Mobile App Updatephilthedill,Nov 4, 2019
            6. C-Bus Toolkit and C-Gate Software

              C-Bus Toolkit and C-Gate Software

              Discuss the C-Bus Toolkit software and basic C-Gate functionality.For advanced C-Gate topics see the 'C-Gate Developers' forum.
              Latest: Virtual measurement channel?Narkov,Nov 12, 2019
            7. C-Touch/HomeGate/SchedulePlus/PICED Software

              C-Touch/HomeGate/SchedulePlus/PICED Software

              Discussion, questions, help with the C-Touch hardware, C-Touch Configuration Software, PICED, HomeGate and Schedule Plus software.
              Latest: Dongle for c-touch schedulesAshley,Jan 8, 2020
            8. C-Bus OPC Server Software

              C-Bus OPC Server Software

              Discuss the C-Bus OPC Server software and its integration with other commercial building control applications.
              Latest: C-Bus OPC Server 1.5.0 releaseddaniel,Jun 19, 2017
            9. Multi-Room Audio (MRA) and MARPA

              Multi-Room Audio (MRA) and MARPA

              Discuss the C-Bus Multi-Room Audio hardware range and the MARPA software used to configure it.
              Latest: MRA Gear for saleMichaelD,Nov 11, 2019
            10. Infrared (NIRT, IR Reader) and CIRCA

              Infrared (NIRT, IR Reader) and CIRCA

              Discuss the NIRT and IR Reader hardware and the CIRCA software used to configure it.
              Latest: Push Controls IR Trigger of Group AddressesRobbo_VIC,Jul 5, 2019
            11. Telephone Interface (CBTI) and TICA

              Telephone Interface (CBTI) and TICA

              Discuss the C-Bus Telephone Interface (CBTI) and the TICA software used to configure it.
              Latest: Tica 3.2.0ashleigh,Jun 26, 2012
            12. Technical Support Application Notes (Read Only)

              Technical Support Application Notes (Read Only)

              Various Application Notes created by Technical Support & Training department.
              Latest: 06-005-3 Automatically Starting Schedule PlusBman,Aug 10, 2010
            13. Pascal Logic Code Examples

              Pascal Logic Code Examples

              A place to share Pascal logic code.All code in this forum is to be used at your own risk.
              Latest: Guide: Using 5504DTSI to set EDLT Page Key Colourchromus,Jan 8, 2020
            1. Voice Control

              Voice Control

              Forum category relating to voice control integration (i.e. Alexa, Google Home, etc...).
              Latest: Apple homekit integration!DarylMc,Jan 7, 2020
            2. C-Bus Serial Protocols

              C-Bus Serial Protocols

              Discuss the publicly available C-Bus serial protocols.This is the place for C-Bus Enabled partners and third-party developers to discuss C-Bus integration.
              Latest: Level Status Request Command Errordriverman,Jul 5, 2019
            3. C-Gate Developers

              C-Gate Developers

              Discuss the C-Gate command and event interface to integrate with third-party products, and the deployment of C-Gate on non-Windows platforms.
              Latest: Clipsal Cgate - Docker Container Imagepoldim,Aug 28, 2019
            4. Third-Party Solutions

              Third-Party Solutions

              Discuss third-party products that integrate with C-Bus or C-Gate.Posts must be informative and relevant to C-Bus users. Excessive advertising or spam will be removed.
              Latest: Ness M1 and C-BUS lighting state changesJozzaAU,Jan 10, 2020 at 5:43 AM
            1. DALI Software

              DALI Software

              DALIcontrol software including DCBM Monitor, DCBM Wizard, DCBM Reporter and DALIBuildings
              Latest: URGENT - Having toolkit issues with DALI ControllersAshley,Sep 29, 2019
            2. Push Controls

              Push Controls

              Discussion relating to Push Controls by Schneider Electric.
              Latest: Push controls - cbus integrationnexus,Dec 7, 2018
            3. Homesafe & Security Access & Control

              Homesafe & Security Access & Control

              Discussion on the Homesafe Product and general discussion on Security Access and Control.
              Latest: Ness MiniCentral integrationCBriggs,Nov 29, 2019
            4. Energy Management

              Energy Management

              Discussion on Energy Management
              Latest: Clipsal Wiser Linklloyd12a,Sep 13, 2016
            5. Standard Products

              Standard Products

              Discussion of non C-Bus products. Normal dimmers, smoke detectors, switch multipliers, fan controls etc...
              Latest: DMX controllerRoosta,Sep 9, 2018